NOVA Accreditation Technological University of the Americas

The National Agency for Accreditation (NOVA), the application for accreditation of Technological University of the Americas (TUA) be received by August 26.

Bert Schreuder, president of TUA filed the application for accreditation at NOVA for the Master's and Doctoral degree programs in Accounting, Management, Educational Leadership, Business Administration and Public Administration. This was done in accordance with the guidelines specified in the law NOVA (2007).

The application was received by director Joan Vliese NOVA. This satisfies the TUA its legal obligation as an educational institute of higher education, Master and Doctoral - training to be accredited by our National Body for Accreditation.

TUA is the only educational institution in Suriname which provides both online and face to face training and innovative PhD, DBA, EdD DPA and doctoral programs. To this end, the most innovative online Moodle system in South America and the best website in Suriname

The accreditation application aims to: promote the quality of the programs and make them nationally and internationally comparable and recognizable.

Also TUA provides in collaboration with TU Delft innovative high-quality programs that meet the social developments in Suriname, such as the Decent Work the hernieuwede ILO Programme requirements will set new labor recommended safety laws to a safe working environment and certified safety training.

TUA purpose has 70 PhD professors into its ranks of top accredited "universities in America, India and the Netherlands, of which over 50% are 'best-selling authors' and award winners.Professor Hubert Rampersad also belongs to this category of professors TUA.

TUA is therefore the only educational institution in Suriname is also innovative PhD, DBA, EdD DPA and offer doctoral programs, which are tailored to the economic and social development of Suriname.

TUA purpose has recently launched its new office building on the Commewijnestraat 41 Paramaribo put into operation with a modern library, modern lecture halls and a highly advanced innovative online platform. The TUA-open days on 23 and September 24, 2016.

During both open days, the President of TUA will give a public lecture. He also discusses the requirements on the features that will come from the new occupational safety laws and specializations in our innovative PhD, DBA, EdD DPA and doctoral programs.

Both in the workplace but also at management level will need to develop new skills among employees, which will contribute to a safer and more environmentally friendly working environment and that will lead to the improvement of the labor welfare and its inherent desired quality and productivity improvement.

Interested parties are welcome to the two open days. Admission is free, however, to sign in advance by 490 328 or There are a limited number of seats available. Registration takes place in order of application. (GFC)