Annual Report Message from the President



Last year, Technological University of the Americas organized the first international conference on good governance, ethics and personal integrity in Suriname in order to create awareness for good governance, business ethics, personal integrity and personal responsibility in the country. Poor ethical leadership, lack of personal integrity and personal responsibility, fraud, corruption, and lack of corporate governance rules and regulations in Suriname are namely the main contributors towards poor performance of the country.

The conference gathered policy-makers, governance practitioners, and eminent scholars of public administration to exchange perspectives and share insights and experiences on forming effective and sustainable development strategies through good governance, ethics, personal integrity and sense of personal responsibility. It also provided a platform for policy dialogue and knowledge networking among governance and ethics stakeholders. The results were increased awareness among policymakers, practitioners, scholars, and other actors on the role and contribution of good governance and effective and efficient public administration for national development. TUA also issued some awards on ethical leadership and good governance to role models in Suriname.

Authentic Governance

In 2016, Technological University of the Americas will celebrate its 5th anniversary. We began celebrating the university’s anniversary with events and activities and launched a series of symposium to engage the TUA community. We have also launched a scholarship for poor students in third world countries. We want to ensure that TUA’s innovative education is affordable for these students as well, regardless of their financial situation. We will also continue to pioneer research breakthroughs and advance innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Our alumni, parents and friends continue to be extraordinarily supportive of the work done by our faculty and students, and their great generosity has fueled TUA’s success.

I look forward to seeing what new directions we will take.